Mobile Plant & Equipment

Specialist policy for large items of plant and equipment whilst static, in transit and on hire.  Exclusive HRIA endorsements provide additional cover a standard  for HRIA members.

Hire & Rental Equipment Floater

Blanket policy for general hire and rental equipment  including construction equipment, party hire, general DIY/tool and equipment hire  as well as any road registered trailers. Covers your assets anywhere in Australia.  Significantly broader coverage available to HRIA members as standard via suite of additional policy endorsements.

Motor Vehicles

Commercial motor vehicle  insurance for any light commercial vehicles (sedans, vans & utilities)  used in your business.  We are able to provide cover for dry hire of any light commercial vehicles to 3rd parties.

Property & Business Interruption

Coverage for any buildings and non-hire stock contents within your business.

Management Liability

Coverage for directors and officers of the business, as well as for the business itself for any claims which may relate to the operations  of the business. Policy sections include Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Employee Theft/Crime and Statutory Liability cover.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Coverage for costs and liabilities associated with a cyber-event (e.g. hack, lockout/extortion)  or privacy breach.

Trade Credit Insurance

Protection for your business in the event that one of your debtors becomes insolventand is unable to pay their account.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Statutory Liability

Statutory Liability (inc Chain of Responsibility)

Protection for your business in the event of an investigation or enquiry by a statutory or official body which may result in a fine or penalty being awarded against the business.